Investors can not hesitate with online bidding
Updated : 3/1/2020 7:04:00 AM (GMT+0700)

The Department of Planning and Investment(DPI) has just issued a document urging provincialinvestors to enhance the effectiveness ofbidding and promote the application of online bidding to meet the targets setby the Government and the Ministry of Planning and Investment. Inthe talk PhuYen Newspaperabout the issue, Mr. Vo Cao Phi, DPI Director, said:

The Provincial Construction Investment Project Management Board is one of the investors
ally deploying the online-bidding. In the photo: Officials of this unit transferring
the bidding documents to the National Bidding Network

- Online bidding is a form of simplifying procedures, saving costs inbidding; strengthening the objectives of the bidding work to be competitive,fair and transparent, serving community supervision and anti-corruptionactivities.

Implementing the Master Plan and the roadmap for applying onlinebidding in the periodof 2016-2025 approved bythe Prime Minister, since 2016, DPI has issued many documents to deploy and urge units inthe province to set out a plan to implement the onlinebidding. Simultaneously, the department cooperates with theCenter for Training of Economic-Planning Officers (Ministry of Planning and Investment) toorganize professional training courses and grant training certificates for 233officials participating in the bidding activities in the province. In addition, the department advisesthe Provincial People's Committee to issue instructions on reorganizing biddingwork in development investment projects and regular procurement activities,which use the State capital in the province.

* In order to strictly comply with the online-biddingplan setby the Government and the Ministry of Planning and Investment, what did theDepartment of Planning and Investment conduct, sir?

- With the role of a specialized agency advising the PPCto carry out the task ofbidding management in the province, recently, the Department of Planning andInvestment continues to have a document to urge project investors in theprovince to enhance the effectiveness of bidding and promote applyingthe online bidding.Accordingly, we propose provincial departments and agencies, Phu Yen EconomicZone Authority, the Provincial Construction Investment Project Management Board, theHigh TechnologyApplication Agricultural Management Board, the People's Committees of districts, town and city to organize the online selection ofcontractors for all bidding packages applying the form of open bidding,competitive offering in goods, non-advisory services and consultancy serviceswith the bidding packageprice not exceeding VND 5 billion and in the field of construction andinstallation of not more than VND 10 billion.

The organization of online contractor selection in a yearmust ensure that the total number of bidding packages reaching at least 60% of the number ofbidding packages applying the form of open bidding, competitive offers and thetotal value of bidding packages reaching the minimum 25% of the total value ofbidding packages applying the form of open bidding, competitive offering.

* It is known that from February 2020, the nationalbidding network system activates the inspection and automatic classification ofbidding packages required to carry out online-bidding. Does this mean theapplication of online-bidding is much more drastic?

- Exactly. Therefore, in the above document of urging investors, the Department ofPlanning and Investment requested investors to note that: for bidding packages under the limitof online-bidding,which was organizedto select contractorsafter January 31st, 2020 and approved in the contractor selection plan of not online-bidding, the adjustment of contractorselection plan must be approved to ensure compliance with the above-mentionedschedule.

In addition, when the time comes, DPI will continue advising the PPC to drastically direct toorganizethe online-bidding inthe province to ensure the proper schedule; putting results on this task is one of thecriteria to evaluate the year-end performance of the units. In addition, wealso plan to coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment toorganize professional training courses and grant training certificates ofonline-bidding to thosein need so that the units are eligible for conducting the online-bidding.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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