Constructing the scheme for the sustainable development of breeding and raising aqua-culture products
Updated : 3/1/2020 11:10:45 AM (GMT+0700)

The PPC has just assigned the department of agriculture-rural developmentto coordinate with departments, sectors and localities to construct the schemeon sustainable development of breeding and raising aqua-culture products(BRQCP) in the period of 2021-2030, vision 2050.

Breeding lobsters in cages in Song Cau town

Among which, the scheme comprises doing supplementaryresearch into the region of breeding lobsters, raising in the open sea region, developingthe breeding of shrimps using high technology, creating the livelihood toreplace the BRQCP households that are affecting by the site clearance withinthe lagoons, the households exploiting near the shore, to ensure thesocial  security and welfares for thecoastal residential communities.

 For the time being, in the year 2020-2021, constructingthe scheme of sustainable BRQCP using cages, rafts in the provincial coast,including the scheme of supplementing detail for developing BRQCP at the opensea regions in Song Cau town with 700ha and An Hoax Hai commune, Tuy Andistrict of 300ha.

The PPC has also requested the department ofagriculture-rural development to coordinate with the localities to propagate,implement the seafood code 2017 and the official documents instructing the lawobservation; well implementing the task of state management on BRQCP pursuantto the seafood code 2017; mobilizing, propagating the inhabitants to registerfor license of being eligible  for doingthe profession in BRQCP, registering BRQCP using cages, rafts, the main seafoodobjects (white leg shrimps, prawns) pursuant to Decree 26/2019/NĐ-CP dated 8/3/2019 by thegovernment, registering to issue the certificates of safe food to the BRQCPenterprises. Propagate, mobilize the BRQCP households to observe thestipulations on environmental protection.

Propose the ministry of agriculture-rural developmentto support capital for agricultural extension, science-technology, implementingthe scheme of raising lobsters using HDPE cages at the province’s open searegions to transfer to the households, minimizing pressures on breeding inlagoons, bays; doing research into producing industrial breeds and food forlobsters. Suggest the approval of investment advocacies, supporting expenditureto implement the scheme of infrastructure for the BRQCP region in thedownstream of Ban Thach river, Dong Hoa district with the scope of 120ha, thetotal investment capital of around 120 billion dongs.

In the coming time, priority is given to the capitalsource of agricultural encouragement to implement the models of sustainableBRQCP; constructing chains in producing and trading aqua-culture products,particularly lobsters, so as to enhance the quality, value, brand names ofprovince’s aqua-culture products. Simultaneously, actively coordinating withthe Department of Planning-Investment to accumulate enough contents for development,the plan of land use for BRQCP into the province’s scheme in the period of2021-2030 and orientations to the year 2050 (with attention being paid tosupplementing the high-tech BRQCP, breeding in the open sea region….). Doingresearch to supplement the projects of supplying sea water, water sewage toserve the high tech BRQCP in the remote regions.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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