Enhance DDCI to create the impetus to attract investment
Updated : 3/25/2020 10:17:27 AM (GMT+0700)

The results of assessing the competitiveness at department, sector and locality level (DDCI) is the foundation for the units to see through their strengths and weaknesses in the task of improving the environment for investing in trade, contributing to helping the related units to do research into solutions for enhancing the PCI. In the talk with Phu Yen Newspaper as related to the above issue, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, Mr. Vo Cao Phi, let known:

The implementation of the assessing DDCI bears the great meaning in improving the business environment. Photo: Processing fisheries for export at one enterprise in Phu Yen province

- DDCI  in the year 2019 is constructed as one tool of measuring the quality of monitoring, managing of the departments, sectors and localities in Phu Yen province, based on receiving ideas from enterprises, cooperatives and trading households in the province, reflecting the trade reality. From this, practical measures and solutions for the offices and units involved are assessed to deal with enterprises’ difficulties and entanglements.

2019 is the second consecutive year that the province has implemented DDCI, with the hope of assessing, reconsidering the positive as well as the limitations in the task of monitoring at the departments, sectors and localities via the segment criteria. From this, further and more intensive, practical directions are given to create favorable conditions for the province’s enterprise community in the process of producing and trading in the coming time.

The latest training session has assisted the leaders of departments, sectors and localities to see clearly the viewpoints of the enterprises towards them to continue improving and overcoming the limitations and weaknesses.  

* As to the assessment of the enterprise community, the highest point of the segment indexes is the activeness. For you, how are the shifts of Phu Yen related to this index in the past time?

- This is a good signal. As to our observation, in the past time, the investors who want to get access to the projects have been created with really favorable conditions by the departments, sectors and localities; all of the procedures have been linked into one block with compromise and consensus. This proves the synchronous characteristic of the departments, sectors and localities. As for the index of the roles of the leaders, this is really significant but via the assessment of the research groups, this index is low scored. Therefore, each individual of the leaders at each unit has to consider and overcome, change, improve. 

* Currently, the websites of the departments, sectors and localities have been considerably upgraded but the accessing remains low. What can be done to overcome this limitation, sir? 

- Currently, despite the fact that the departments, sectors and localities have got their own websites, it does not mean that every inhabitant or enterprise does frequently refers to for updating or mastering the information. As such, during the overall process, the province has assigned the major departments to coordinate with the consulting units, propagate to each locality and there must be training sessions for the enterprises on this issue. Currently, the channels have been linked to the Department of information-communication, FPT, Viettel…These units have their software of getting access via the smart phone systems of the inhabitants, it is convenient for the enterprises and helps the enterprises and inhabitants to be into the habits of getting access to information, and implement the procedures online. This is the significant stage that need enhancing, particularly in the current complicated developments of COVID-19…

* What solutions are taken by the department of planning and investment to improve DDCI in the year 2020, sir?

- The Department of Planning and Investment is appointed by the PPC to work directly with the consulting units, and the department is also the clue to implement attracting investment in the province, hence, pressure is huge. Each year, on the basis of stipulating the legitimate documents, the department has been improved. Typically, the time for seeing and deciding the advocacies of investment, the department has consulted the PPC to further curtail the time against stipulations of the central government; the procedures for registering trade have been implemented by the staff at the center of public administrative, the “one -door” section to assist and instruct the inhabitants using the internet. Simultaneously propagating and enhancing the possibilities of getting access to information for the inhabitants, enterprises, particularly small and super small ones…

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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