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Updated : 11/22/2022 9:24:25 AM (GMT+0700)

Saigon Economic Magazine, Saigon Marketing Publication are launching a program to vote for Top 7 Impressions of Vietnam 2022 in terms of picturesque scenery, architecture, and tourism destinations across the country. Phu Yen province has 10 nominations in 4 categories. Participating in the vote to make the destinations become Top 7 impressions of Vietnam is considered as a way to travel online and express each person's feelings and outlook when seeing the beautiful scenery and unique architecture of the homeland.

Vuc Hom Waterfall (An Linh commune, Tuy An district), a destination nominated in 2 categories of Top 7 tourism attractions with impressive scenery and Top 7 unexpected picturesque sceneries when viewed from the air.

After more than 4 months of launching, the Organization Board of the Top 7 Impressions of Vietnam 2022 program has received more than 220 nominations for destinations across the country from readers and visitors.

On November 1st, the voting portal for the program was officially opened for readers and visitors to vote and find the Top 7 impressions of Vietnam in 2022. The 5 voting categories include: Top 7 magical waterfalls, Top 7 unique architectural works, Top 7 eco-tourism sites, Top 7 tourism attractions with impressive scenery, Top 7 unexpected beautiful scenes when viewed from the air.

With the love for Phu Yen tourism, readers and tourists near and far have taken photos and recorded videos to nominate 10 destinations, architectural works, impressive landscapes, unexpected beauty from above, miraculous waterfalls.

Top 7 magical waterfalls, the organizers received 26 nominations, in which is Vuc Hom and Vuc Song waterfalls (An Linh commune, Tuy An district) introduced and nominated by author Dang Le. The category of Top 7 unique architectural works has 50 nominations, of which Phu Yen province has 3 nominations: Quang Duc Xua Ancient House; Nghinh Phong Tower and the Special National Monument of Nhan Tower.

The 3 destinations, including: the scenic spot of Yen islet, O Loan lagoon, Ganh Den were nominated by tourists in the Top 7 tourism attractions with impressive scenery (62 nominations). In the category of Top 7 unexpected beautiful scenes when viewed from the air (48 nominations), Phu Yen province featured the 2 nominations of Da Dia reef and Vuc Hom cave.

Through the camera angle of the authors submitting nominations, the ravishing landscapes, unique architectures, and magical waterfalls make nature lovers and travel enthusiasts fall in love.

Currently, the voting portal for Top 7 Impressive Vietnam on Saigon Marketing Newspaper has been open. On social networking sites, travel lovers are also promoting and calling on friends to vote for their favorite sights and destinations. The results of readers and visitors’ votes will be the basis to find out which is the Top 7 impressions of Vietnam in 5 categories. Reader Nga Dinh (Tuy An district) wrote: “It’s really proud of the beautiful landscape of my hometown, I hope everyone will vote for the beauty of my hometown to enter the top”.

According to the Organizing Committee of the program voting for Top 7 Impressive Vietnam, the program was held for the first time in 2021 to contribute to stimulating demand and recovering tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic. The program results brought many positive effects to the tourism industry. Following this success, Saigon Marketing website continues to organize a program to search, nominate and vote for new destinations and experiences, introduce and promote Vietnam's tourism image, join hands to contribute to developing the tourism industry.

Voting way is very simple. Readers, visitors, coming the address, will immediately see the voting interface of Top 7 impressions of Vietnam. Next, readers choose 5 categories, view and click on each of their favorite nominations, proceed to fill in the information and vote. The final results will find 7 nominations with the most votes in each category.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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