Supporting capital for the inhabitants to produce at the end of the year
Updated : 11/25/2022 5:32:11 PM (GMT+0700)

It is less than two months that The Lunar New Year approaches. At this point of time, the social policy bank, Phu Yen branch (SPB-PY) has been actively disbursing capital to meet the inhabitants’ loan-making demands for producing at the end of the year. Thanks to the preferential credit capital, lots of people no longer resort to high-interest loans.

Inhabitants completing procedures to receive capital at Hoa Kien commune’s transaction, Tuy Hoa city

These days, Mrs Dang Thi Trinh and her spouse in Xuan Hoa hamlet, Hoa Kien commune (Tuy Hoa city) have been dedicatedly taking care of over 200 large pots of chrysanthemum for consumption before Tet. Mrs Trinh let known: in previous years, her family invested in raising poultry but due to the pandemic, the market was adversely affected, causing them to divert. My husband came to the venues majoring in planting flowers and bonsais to learn about the technique prior to preparing. Obtaining the policy credit capital of 40 million dongs, we invested in planting chrysanthemum, which so far have frown well. We hope that for this lunar New year’s flower season, my family can earn some for spending.

As shared by Mrs Trinh, thanks to the bank capital loans, she and her spouse could boldly shift from raising poultry to planting to earn the living for the family. Without the policy capital loan, we could not have earned enough to pay off the high interest.

After more than 2 years being affected by COVID-19, the life of almost every inhabitant has been negatively influenced, particularly those in rural areas. To remove the difficulties facing the inhabitants, the collectives, organizations have been entrusting and positively coordinating with SPB to bring capitals to the inhabitants for them to boldly produce, expand planting, raising, repairing houses and supporting their offsprings with schooling…

Mrs Phan Thi Hoa Mi, Chairwoman of Hoa Kien commune’s women association, let known: rural inhabitants mostly earn their living through agri-culture, therefore, they really need capital to expand the production scope. What the inhabitants care is how to introduce the preferential capital loans to help the inhabitants develop economy. During the process of managing the trusteeship capital from the SPB, the association works as the bridge connecting, mastering the aspirations and thoughts of the inhabitants before getting the considerations by local governments and the bank for allocating capital; then the next step is how to propagate, instruct the inhabitants in need of obtaining capital loans to use the capital properly and paying interest on due dates. Lots of loan-making households taking part in saving regularly, periodically have now shifted to paying debts to reduce pressure prior to the due dates.

However, according to Mrs Phan Thi Hoa Mi, besides the households getting access to capital and efficiently doing business, the locality also witnesses many cases failing in business and not daring to contact the organizations but referring to the individuals, organizations to obtain capital loans at high interest rates. “lots of those have to resort to black credit and unable to pay off the interest. To help the inhabitants out of difficulties, we frequently propagate on the preferential programs offered by SPB; instructing the inhabitants to complete the procedures and informing the inhabitants of the proper objects eligible to be granted loans”, Mrs Phan Thi Hoa Mi said.

In Phu Hoa district, the locality’s transaction venue of SPB is also actively coordinating with the collectives and organizations to accept trusteeship to double check the demand of loan-making among the poor and nearly-poor objects, and those just getting rid of poverty, the households having the demands of making supplementary capital loans so as to provide timely loans at the end of the year, to avoid cases of accumulated capital. “ we have requested the collectives and organizations at the foundation, the management boards for saving and loan-making to strictly follow each household to master the information, preventing and timely dealing with any emerging negativity; minimizing cases of inhabitants lacking capitals and having to resort to black credits”, Mr Le Hong Phong, vice director of Phu Hoa district’s SPB branch’s transaction.

According to Mr Ho Van Thuc, Director of SPB-PY, from now to the end of the year, the bank continues to consult for supplementing state budget at district level which is still insufficient to complete the 2022 locality’s budget plan; simultaneously taking advantage of the central capital source, the locality’s supplementary capital sources to provide loans, creating favorable conditions for the inhabitants to obtain capital for producing, trading at the end of the year. The branch also continues to coordinate to enhance the efficient propagation on the policy credit capital source, the efficient loan-making models, the latest policies and advocacies for the inhabitants to be aware of, quickly getting access to the capital sources once having the demand, avoiding cases of black credit capital, which inevitably negatively affects the locality’s life and security-order”, said Mr Thuc.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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