Building a spring dream at the wave gate
Updated : 1/26/2023 7:00:00 AM (GMT+0700)

In warm weather, coastal urban areas are bustling with tourists and urgently for the transition in the new year.

Nghinh Phong Tower, Tuy Hoa City - an attractive destination for many tourists

Spring trip to the seaside town

From this new year, Tuy Hoa city People's Committee decided to put into operation more than 200ha of sand beach and sea surface, stretching from Binh Kien commune to wards 9, 7, 6 to organize sports activities such as rowing boats (kayak, SUP), jet skis, fly boards, canoes pulling banana boats, canoes pulling paragliders... to diversify sea tourism services. This will be an opportunity to attract investors to Tuy Hoa beach to develop entertainment services to serve tourists.

According to Cao Dinh Huy, Chairman of Tuy Hoa city People's Committee, the city is proud to be voted by hundreds of millions of tourists around the world as one of the 10 most hospitable tourist destinations in Vietnam in 2022 through (global online travel website). Tuy Hoa beach is considered a destination not to be missed for beach lovers, because of its beautiful coastline with peaceful and comfortable space. Nghinh Phong Tower is the place to record the official song video of the Southeast Asian Games in 2021 - SEA Games 31 (held in 2022). These successes are contributing to the realization of the development of Tuy Hoa city towards the coastal city.

From Tuy Hoa beach, going to the north, visitors come to Xuan Dai bay (Song Cau town) where it is associated with a tourist brand - the most attractive sunrise viewing spot in Vietnam; going to the south, you will see Mui Dien lighthouse (Dong Hoa town), where the first sunrise on the mainland of Vietnam is welcomed. Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen, a tourist from Dong Nai shared: The image of an air force soldier and his teammates solemnly salute the flag at Mui Dien, eyes looking at the country's flag fluttering against the rosy sky of dawn. Early morning made me fall in love at first sight. Every time I travel to Phu Yen, the destination not to be missed with my family is Mui Dien. Every time like the first time, my heart is always burning when I stand on the cliff facing the East Sea, watching the beautiful scenery of my homeland gradually appear in each ray of sunlight, turning the mist, turning the clouds, and scattering golden light on each cliff, each water lane.

Visitors welcoming the sunrise at Bai Mon - Mui Dien (Dong Hoa town)

Joining the spring of the country

The new year 2023 is also an important year for the coastal urban areas of the province to accelerate the process of joining the whole country in upgrading urban areas according to the Decision 241 of the Prime Minister. Chairman of Tuy Hoa city People's Committee – Mr. Cao Dinh Huy provided: The smart city operation center went into operation, marking Tuy Hoa urban's participation in the global digitalization trend, becoming the 34th city in the world. The whole country is administratively managed by automation. Along with that, 3 suburban communes to the ward and the vicinity of the city expanded to all three direction of the south, north and west, helping to accelerate urbanization, creating a harmonious development in both axes of the north - south and the east-west. From here, promoting linkages with the Central Highlands region, creating a new position and force for the city's development towards the sea. Achieving a first-class urban area is the goal of the city government and people, because this is an important transformation for Tuy Hoa city to raise its level to be on par with major cities in the country and in the world.

As part of the chain of coastal urban links, Tuy An district develops transport infrastructure connecting adjacent localities and actively protects the marine environment in order to improve tourism quality and realize the goal of bringing Phu Yen to become a green, clean, beautiful and environmentally friendly destination. According to Mr. Huynh Van Khoa, Chairman of Tuy An district People's Committee, the locality focuses resources on important traffic routes including the coastal road from Dong Hoa town to Song Cau town across the district; flood avoidance, rescue route connecting Tuy An district with Tuy Hoa city and 2 districts of Tay Hoa and Phu Hoa… “Tuy An has 9 national-level scenic spots, these landscapes are not only beautiful but also biologically diverse  with valuable genetic resources. Therefore, this place not only attracts tourists to visit and admire the scenery, but also attracts domestic and international experts and scientists to learn, research, and organize scientific seminars. Mr. Khoa added.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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