Maximizing investment efficiency of projects
Updated : 1/29/2023 7:05:00 AM (GMT+0700)

On the basis of the allocated capital, the Provincial Management Board of Construction Investment Projects (Construction Board) has strengthened the management, speeded up the construction progress. Many projects have been put into use and brought into play effectively; contributing to promote local socio-economic development. Phu Yen Newspaper had an exchange with Mr Dang Khoa Dam, Director of the Construction Board about this issue.

The Provincial Management Board of Construction Investment Project focusing on urging the contractor to construct the embankment to prevent erosion of the Ba river bank, passing through Phu Thu town, Tay Hoa district to complete the work in 2023

* Could you tell us about the implementation of construction projects in the province recently?

- With the attention and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee along with the efforts of all officials, civil servants and employees, in 2022, the Construction Board strived to complete the assigned tasks well. The unit coordinated with the relevant localities to organize the implementation of 54 projects (preparing documents to prepare for investment and construction of 16 projects; completing the preparation for investment in 10 projects; carrying out the construction of 28 projects). Specifically, the unit organized the acceptance test, completed and put into use 4 projects (The different level intersection between the road No. 2 of the southern urban area of Tuy Hoa city and Nguyen Van Linh street; The embankment to prevent erosion on the right bank of Banh Lai river and the right bank of Trong river, Hoa Thinh commune, Tay Hoa district; constructing Phu Yen Center for Disease Control; Public space along the coast at the intersection between Nguyen Huu Tho street and Doc Lap street) with a total investment of more than 745 billion dong. The completed projects have promoted investment efficiency, prevented riverbank and coastal erosion, protected people's lives and properties, and safe for internal technical infrastructure works; created environmental landscapes, developed tourism, attracted investment capital in the fisheries and tourism sectors; promoted the development and connection of transport infrastructure among localities in the province and surrounding provinces.

* In the coming time, how will the unit implement construction investment to promote the efficiency of investment capital?

- Clearly defining the role and importance of projects for the socio-economic development of the province, the Construction Board continues to focus on leading, directing and advising the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) to implement the projects of all fields; focus on managing and controlling well in terms of quality and progress, preventing loss and waste, and promoting the efficiency of capital use. In particular, the unit focuses on managing and operating projects transitioning from 2022 to 2023, ensuring completion as planned; starts construction of 8 new projects. The unit cooperates well with the local government with the project passing through, speeds up the compensation and site clearance, ensures the smooth project implementation; actively coordinates with ministries and branches to take advantage of support capital from the central budget and ODA sources to implement projects, especially large projects of the province.

The Construction Board will advise and propose the PPC to implement important projects of inter-regional connectivity, promote fast and sustainable socio-economic development; projects to care for and protect people's health; projects to respond to climate change, sea level rise, green growth... At the same time, the unit advises departments, agencies and the PPC to implement infrastructure investment projects, expand urban space, develop land funds, generate revenue for the province through auction of land use rights; organize the evaluation of the process of implementing and operating the projects, recognize the existing weaknesses and provide solutions to overcome, draw lessons from the stages of quality management, progress, safety, investment costs, towards maximizing investment efficiency of assigned projects.

* In order for the implementation of the tasks to be effective, what solutions and recommendations does the unit implement, especially the site clearance and disbursement of public investment capital, sir?

- It can be seen that the biggest difficulty in implementing the project is the problem of site clearance. Therefore, the unit has proposed to the PPC to direct the People's Committees of Tuy Hoa city, Dong Hoa town and districts of Tay Hoa and Phu Hoa to focus resources and mobilize the participation of the local political system to ensure completion of site clearance for construction investment projects in the area as planned; soon hand over the site to the construction unit.

Regarding the final settlement of completed projects, currently there are a number of projects that have problems approving the settlement of compensation and site clearance costs. It is very difficult for the districts to implement because the construction time is too long, the personnel change prolongs the settlement time of the projects. The unit has proposed to allow the project settlement (except for site clearance costs), after the district level approves the settlement of site clearance costs, the entire project will be updated. A number of projects have been completed according to the handover site, and have also been put into use and promoted effectively. However, because the entire site has not been handed over for construction, the remaining execution volume is very small but cannot be deployed. This lasted for many years, affecting the handover and put into use, project settlement. The Board has also proposed to the PPC to allow the implementation to stop to settle the projects, the remaining volume is assigned to the district level People's Committee for implementation. Hopefully in 2023, the projects will be deployed smoothly to promote the efficiency of the works.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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