Starting a promising tourism season
Updated : 5/10/2022 8:31:13 AM (GMT+0700)

For Vietnam tourism, summer is considered the peak time of the year. During the national holiday of April 30th, May 1st is the time for starting a new tourism season. After two years being paralyzed by COVID-19 pandemic, during the recent national holiday, the domestic tourist market has recovered drastically, which promises an effervescent tourism season.

Tourists visiting and taking check-in photos at Tuy Hoa coastal park

In comparison with the regional provinces, Phu Yen province is quite modest in the number of tourists. However, considering the province’s tourism scope, such recovery is really fast, the number of tourists has increased impressively. The total number of tourists coming to Phu Yen during the 4-day holiday is 29,400 (increasing 21% against the same period last year) whilst the tourists at the accommodation foundations is 21,100 (increasing 31% against the same period last year). The average room occupancy is 68%. The revenue of tourism activities reaches 38.2 billion dongs (increasing 25% against the same period last year).

Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Thai, Acting Director of the Department of culture-Sports-Tourism, let known: tourists mostly come from HCMC, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa and the highlands provinces. In order to improve the quality of serving tourists, prior to the national holiday, the department of culture-sports-tourism requested the units doing business in the sector in the province to take plans for investing, upgrading the facilities, tourism services, ensuring to well serve tourists, as well as strictly implementing measures on preventing, combating the pandemic.

On the occasion of the national holiday of April 30th, in Tuy Hoa city, there have been programs of : the program of exhibiting, awarding prizes and artistic performance titled “ao dai on the heritage land of Phu Yen province” in the evening of April 29th; the program of artistic kite flying program titled “green ocean-green future”. These events have attracted great attention, as well as the inhabitants and tourists’ experiences. Ms. Nguyen Cao Hoai Duyen from Ha Noi, let known that her family were lucky to arrive in Tuy Hoa city one day before the national holiday, so in the evening of 29/4, the family members could indulge themselves in one marvelous artistic program with the collections of ado dai, performed by the models, missies as well as the famous singers, namely Miss Tieu Vy, Second-runner Hoang Thuy, Kim Duyen, singer My Linh, Phuong My Chi…, “one of the days witnessed the unfavorable weather conditions, but we could timely come to the province’s famous tourism destinations, particularly we did travel around  the nice city of Tuy Hoa, especially around the sea park, Nghinh Phong tower-the symbol as well as the new check-in spot of Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province”.

According to Mr Dao My, PPC Vice chairman cum Head of the steering board of developing Phu Yen tourism sector, from the beginning of the year, Phu Yen province welcome a large number of tourists coming for sight-seeing, relaxing, experiencing. That is like one mock test and so does it show the great signals for the strategy of recovering, developing tourism in the condition of efficiently controlling COVID-19 pandemic. Phu Yen tourism is trying to reach the target of receiving 2 million tourists in the year 2022.

During the national holiday, the percentage of tourists coming to Phu Yen also increases 21% against the same period of 2021, when COVID-19 pandemic seriously affected, therefore, this growth does not show many practical values.

Against the same period in 2019 when COVID-19 did not outbreak, it can prove the figure this year is not comparable (during the national holiday of April 30th, 2019, the entire province welcome more than 42,100 tourists). This shows the tourism sector is gradually recovering but has not reached the peak like before.

Making a comparison with the regional provinces, it shows that the number of tourists coming to Phu Yen province is quite modest. To receive such a large number of tourists, most localities prepare a cautious and detailed plan for tourism “renaissance” with many programs, cultural and festival events, lots of novel and attractive tourism products and the task of propagating, advertising on a large scale…One of the main reasons is that we do lack new tourism products; the musical and aritistic activities, the events at the regional level are rare; lots of tasks for propagating are not strong enough…

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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