Rang and Om beaches in Phu Yen: The place where natural beauty is intact
Updated : 2/22/2017 3:22:13 PM (GMT+0700)

Preserving the complete beauty of the nature, Rang and Om beach in Phu Yen are becoming the popular beaches to tourists.


Rang beach-Om Beach are over 15km from Xuan Dai Bay. If one wants to come here, it’s advisable to ask the local inhabitants to follow the small roads, so winding and bumpy with lots of sand and soil. However, all hardship is compensated satisfactorily once a picturesque landscape is opening up.

Rang beach is like the heaven of heaven. The immense blue sea in the sunlights. The slightly curving wide sandy beach allows one to freely enjoy the peaceful moments in the nature. From the sandy beach, one only takes a few more steps, then one can indulge in the transparent blue water. There is no bustling scene, this is the ideal destination for going camping and relaxing, organizing barbecues in the space full of singing voices, in the wind, in the coconut tree shade.

About more than ten meters of the sandy beach with lots of bushes intermingling with coconut forests, the casuarinas forests is Om Beach. The two beaches are distinguishing even though they are very close to each other. While Rang beach is calm, Om beach is rough with nonstop surging waves. The names possibly originate from the two mountain ranges rising and hugging nearly all of the beach, forming the arch wise, Om beach has the scents bearing the features both magnificence and not less romance. Right close to the water edge is one reef full of all size rocks, some even outcropping to welcome the waves. The waves are consecutive, and this means more temptation to those indulging in swimming in the sea with strong feelings.

Passing the reef, the water level is approximate knee level, and rising to the waist. Here, tourists can even experience admiring coral reefs in such a new style. The rice and quite particular coral are close to the banks, there is no need to move closer but those on boards of boats can freely admire. Most of the coral reefs are rocks, which gives them the name coral flowers, some are of the size of a palm, some of several palms. Not only this, Om beach has the tale of one giant rock carved with the imprint of Nguyen Anh.

When the night falls, one can erect a camp to sleep on the beach. Watching the bright stars at night, listening to the distant wave sounds carves the forever memories in one’s mind. And at sunrise, the boats are provided the bright shining light to dock ashore. The landscape is so romantic and peaceful.

There is not only scenic feature but also renowned for the hospitality. The tiny fishing village is located modestly next to the coastal region, where tourists can obviously feel the sincerity of the fishermen. Those local inhabitants are willing to invite you a plain meal but full of affection. Observing the daily life here will surely bring something exciting to your trip.

The couple of Rang and Om beaches are like the natural precious treasure of Phu Yen. After the exploration, one will definitely possess the particular photos with the nice memories and the affection towards this central coastal region is enhanced.

Source: Phuyentourism.gov.vn

Translated by HAI LOAN

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