The Ancient Quang Duc by Cai river
Updated : 10/31/2017 11:31:58 AM (GMT+0700)

During the rainy season, most major tourist destinations are in the "hibernation" state; however, a daily constantly crowded-with-tourists address, especially at weekends, is the stop of Ancient Quang Duc by the bank of Cai river, at the beginning of the road leading to Mang Lang church, Da Dia reef...

Journalist Pham Le Quoc Cuong, owner of Ancient Quang Duc, introducing visitors to cultural values ​​in the Quang Duc pottery collection

The village of Quang Duc, Tan Chau

Cai river is the lower section of Ky Lo river (Dong Xuan district) through Tuy An district flowing to Tien Chau estuary. With the settlement concept of Vietnamese is "the best is living near city, the second is living near river", along two banks of river is always rich villages. Tan Chau silk village and Quang Duc pottery village, the famous locations beside the two banks of Cai river, were formed and well-known since long time ago.

According to the remaining records, Quang Duc pottery village has a history of over 300 years, about the end of the 16th century, early the 17th century. At that time, it was a prosperous pottery village, the pottery kilns in the village were in red fire all year round, on the wharf and the boat dock was always busy with people and goods. Popular earthenware products, such as pots, buckets, to skilled products requiring knack, expressing essence, such as jugs, jars..., which was made in Quang Duc pottery village, was distributed throughout the province and the Central region - the Central Highlands and the Southern provinces, even exported by the French.

Ancient Quang Duc - the cultural heritage place 

"Memories of a prosperous village storing and preserving the legacy of ancestors is the main idea to open the door of Ancient Quang Duc with the purpose of introducing to the public a famous village with the unique popular products in the past", said journalist Pham Le Quoc Cuong - Le Xuan Tuu (working at the Vietnam Television Center in Phu Yen province), owner, offspring of Tuy An land, Tan Chau silk village and Quang Duc pottery village.

Located on the National Highway 1, the first position of the road to Lo Gom bridge, to Mang Lang church, to Da Dia reef, the Ancient Quang Duc appears with the dark brown wood gate; inside is a romantic space decorated in the owner's intentions. A medium-size garden is displayed with nearly 100 stone grinding mills, mortars, carving stone, tables and chairs made of palm trees under mango trees, plum trees. The secret is in the two old houses with the dark brown wood folds.

The first wooden bungalow is decorated with the ancient weave of Tan Chau silk village along with river fishing tools; household items such as: cake molds, pottery buckets, rice grinding mills, plow and harrow and old sewing machines used as coffee tables, old telephones... The second antique house is decorated with antiquities of Quang Duc pottery village, a number of bronze antique furniture, which is priceless. They are flower pots, aquariums of ceramic glaze. Among them is a pot that is quite intact and inscribed with the words "1934 Village Quang Duc". The fine detailing on terracotta has proved that the famous pottery of Vietnam was used and brought to Europe by French merchants.

To recreate an old Quang Duc through the two ancient houses, a meticulous collection of Quang Duc pottery and household appliances, the couple Quoc Cuong - Xuan Tuu have spent decades collecting and raising ideas. Arriving at Ancient Quang Duc, visitors not only enjoy pure coffee, eat “banh it la gai”, sip cups of fine tea, but also drop into the old nostalgic space, learn the culture of a countryside. "The culture of a land is always interesting to every visitor. Preserving and promoting the unique culture of the land is what Ancient Quang Duc has done meticulously, creatively and persuasively for tourists," said Professor Raoul Francois from France as visiting Ancient Quang Duc.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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