The national scenic spot of Da Dia Reef has more sightseeing points
Updated : 8/31/2018 7:50:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Duringthe process of doing research to preserve and develop the value of The nationalspot of Da Dia Reef (An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province),the scientists have discovered large stone levels with nicely-looking shapesalong the shore.

The prismatic and mysterious color arranging on each other forming the giant bee
hives at the national scenic spot of Da Dia Reef

Phu Yen Department of Culture,Sports and Tourism has asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism forpermission to organize cleaning up this zone to form new sightseeing points.

The so-called “new Da DiaReef” was discovered in July 2018 with the area of over 500m2. Thispoint is near the path leading to the current Da Dia Reef. Here, the large rockblocks break along the vertical veins, creating either straight or crossingcolumns, with some rock parts arranging high and straight; with some partsarranging in stretches or crossing. The rocks here mainly have the hexagonalsurface, some others square or circular; this layer arranges upon the other.

Da Dia Reef is thedestination of lots of tourists once coming to visit Phu Yen. This scenic spotpossesses some rock tops with particular and unique shapes, adjacent to theblue and clear sea surface with all-year-round waves beating, now that thereare more rocks on the shore, which creates the nature’s nice and romanticappearance.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Da, a touristfrom Da Nang city shared via the introduction of many people, his family havedecided to visit Phu Yen as tourists and go sightseeing in Da Dia Reef. Themembers in his family acknowledge that the new points on shore is like themountain flanks “entirely holding” the rock under the sea. Mr. Da acknowledgedthat, Phu Yen tourism should conduct cleaning up this area to form thenaturally beautiful landscape with both the mountain and the sea.

The Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism has agreed to allow the provincial department of culture,sports, tourism to coordinate with the scientists to survey and conduct takingthe land layers on the surface to let open the rock blocks; from here to createthe new sightseeing spots for Da Dia Reef. The expenditure for implementingthis is over 700 million dongs, mobilized from the expenditure sources ofsightseeing in the year 2018.

Mr. Ho Van Tien, Director ofPhu Yen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, let known that with thisdeed, Phu Yen province conducts very carefully. On the basis of surveying thegeological surface, the geographical features, the province has reported to theMinistry. The process of executing does not affect the scenic spot acknowledgedpreviously. In parallel with taking, spraying and washing to let open therocks, Phu Yen department will also set plans to rescheme the entire scenicspots to ask for adjustment to supplement the scope pursuant to the regulationsof Heritage Law. This is also the foundation to promote investment projectsinto this zone.

in 1998, Da Dia Reef was acknowledgethe national scenic spot and has been exploited by Phu Yen province for tourismdevelopment. With the intact beauty and forming with impressive appearance,making it more and more attractive to tourists coming to Phu Yen province.


Translatedby HAI LOAN

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