Exploring Dien Cape-Cape Valera (Phu Yen): The first venue to see the sunrise on Vietnam mainland
Updated : 11/12/2018 4:38:37 PM (GMT+0700)

Mon Beach-Dien Cape is one of the must-seedestinations in Phu Yen. This location does not only possess the romanticscenery but is also known as the Easternmost point, being the first place tosee the sunrise on Vietnam mainland.

The sign noting “The Easternmost point…”, the venue with the most check-in numbers
once coming to Dien Cape

Mon Beach-Diencape are located adjacent to each other in Hoa Tam commune, Dong Hoa district,is considered the scenic spot in Phu Yen. Dien Cape has another name of DaiLanh cape, starting from the point created from Dai Lanh mountain, one part ofTruong Son range, stretching to the East Sea. Dien Cape has specialgeographical coordinates: 12053’48” North latitude and 109027’06” East longitude, considered oneEasternmost point of the Nation, the first place to see the sunrise on Vietnammainland. Dien cape has been popular and discovered by lots of tourists, so hasit been checked-in thanks to the picturesque sights and historical imprints.

There are tworoads leading to Dai Lanh cape: the former is from Tuy Hoa city, follow theNational Avenue 1 before  coming to CaPass and turning to Vung Ro bay, the later is to travel along the extremelybeautiful coastal road from Hoa Hiep-Phuoc Tan-Bai Nga. Whatever route taken,tourists can admire the transparently navy blue color of the mountains and thesea. With that particular geographical location, Dai Lanh cape from afar islike a mountain, an isolate island, however, it is practically in the mainland,separated by a fresh water stream crossing. To completely discover Dai Lanhcape, tourists have to be to three venues: the light house, Rang Dong cape andMon beach.

The lighthouse wasconstructed by the French in 1890 with the purpose of orientating for thevessel operation in and out of Vung Ro bay. This is one of the 8 modernlighthouses dated over 100 years among the 79 lighthouses being currentlyoperated in our nation, it is also the lighthouse the nearest internationalterritorial waters. To each Dai Lanh lighthouse, tourists have to go past thefreshwater stream along the mountain road, passing about 400 steps of thedistance of 500m to 1km to the lighthouse. Tourists have to go up another 100steps to r each the light house, which is about 26m, at the altitude ofover  100m above the sea level and it ispossible for light signals about 27 nautical miles away. Here, tourists willenjoy the fresh, cool air, stretching the view towards the immense oceanto  admire the entire picturesque seapicture of the sea, the mountain at Dai Lanh mountain, taking the pride forbeing at the top 5 lighthouses aged over 100 years and also the most renowned(acknowledged by Vietnam Guinness Organization in the year 2014).

About more than 10meters away from the lighthouse is Rang Dong cape, where tourists oftencheck-in because of the sign noting “the easternmost point-the first venue tosee the sunrise on Vietnam Mainland”. Depending on each season in the year, atthis place, Do point is the location belonging to the mainland to receive thesunrise the earliest. To see the sunrise at Dai Lanh cape, tourists are oftenavailable here before 5am. Therefore, lots of tourists opt to stay overnighthere for night camping, and this is definitely interesting experience to seethe lighthouse being  turned on, listen tothe seawater rustling in the middle of the quiet nights and receiving quiteearly sunrise in the morning right from high above.

At the foot of DaiLanh mountain is Mon Beach, the intact beach with the romantic waning moon.With the approximate coastal line of 400m, the gently sloping and the finewhite sand, the transparent navy blue water like crystal, Mon Beach is suitablefor the tourists to indulge themselves in swimming in the sea, playing watersports, enjoying the fresh and delicious seafood like shrimps, crabs, fish ,squids, oysters…Particularly, here, tourists will have opportunities to joinwith fishermen to go fishing for sea eels, commonly called “oceanic serpent-like”,so much delicious.

Mon Beach-DienCape is one venue quite attractive with lots of experience. It is meaningfulnot only historically but also one challenging journey to conquer to admire thescenic spots in special moments, like seeing the first sunrise in the morningwith full of mist and the great pride of Vietnam sky, sea, land.

Source: baocantho

Translated by HAI LOAN

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