Nhan mountain converging numerous precious plants
Updated : 12/12/2021 11:12:54 PM (GMT+0700)

After nearly 30 years implementing the project of covering the bare hills, from the foot to the top of Nhan Mountain, a lush green color has been spreading with lots of precious plants. This is a work with great devotion from scientists, leaders in the province, the city. The aim is to collect, preserve the rare breeds of plants, create the landscape and eco-environment to serve the research in science, education, tourism, relaxing and entertainment of the inhabitants.

Nhan Mountain located right in the heart of Tuy Hoa city

From a mountain with few eucalyptus plants, with the vision, devotion and great passion in preserving plants, the previous generations had timely launched the project of Nhan Mountain botanical garden for landscape. So far, after nearly 30 years since the commencing day for planting the first trees, the garden on Nhan Mountain has been covered with a green and fresh color, so has this become the city’s lung. Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, deputy head of the provincial management board of heritages (the department of culture-sports-tourism), let known: after the country was completely liberated, Nhan Mountain was assigned to the inhabitants to plant eucalyptus trees. To the year 1995, Tuy Hoa city implemented the project of Nhan Mountain botanical garden for landscape. This project was assigned to the forestry farm of assaulting youths. The forest-planting team of the forestry farm dug up the land regions on the mountain, building up land beds to preserve land, plant trees, care for the trees and water them as well. The task of tree planting was really urgent up to the year 2003, when the botanical garden was basically formed. From a project of covering the bare hills, the pathway leading to the top of Nhan mountain is now full of shades from precious plants. Lots of tourists have to utter with exclamation once seeing along the pathway being a     rhodomyrtus tomentosa laiden with fruits, beside a vibrant kornia tree full of lush green leaves, also laiden with fruits on the branches. Nearly approaching the top of the mountain, once can see the violet flambouyant tree, the Bauhinia tree with gorgeous flowers. Nhan Mountain is brightly green like a rock bonsai  emerging in the heart of Tuy Hoa city.

According to Mr Le Van Thung, at that time, the project was implemented with the purpose of collecting, preserving the precious with particular use plants in the area of 8.4ha, the forestry farm planted 450 breeds of plants with some in the verge of extinction like:Ebony, rosewood, chukrasia tabularis, dalbergia cochinchinsensus, maple tree. Besides, currently, fenugreek, which is not common in nature, can be found on Nhan mountain. “Despite being in a minor area, the number of plants on Nhan Mountain is more diversified than the botanical gardens in HCMC and Ha Noi. This is what makes me so much proud”, said Mr Le Van Thung in great excitement. Nhan mountain and Nhan tower is the historical, cultural, architectural and artistic location, witnessing the ups-and-downs, hardship, changes of Tuy Hoa city in particular and Phu Yen province in general….with Nhan tower, silently and taciturnly reflecting to Ba river, the system of green trees on Nhan mountain also contributes to beautifying Tuy Hoa city.

Mr Nguyen Van Tuan let known: Nhan Mountain vestige together with the botanical garden in the mountain is one tourism destination for Phu Yen inhabitants to proudly introduce to friends once coming to visit the homeland of Nhan mountain and Da river. From the top of the mountain, looking afar, tourists can see other symbols of Phu Yen province, namely: Chop Chai mountain to the North-West, the bridges crossing Da Rang river heading towards the East-South East, Ba river winding and flowing to Da Dien estuary, and further away is Da Bia mountain…The most particular feature is when tourists stand from almost any point of Tuy Hoa city, they can also see Nhan Mountain or tourists can admire the entire landscape of Tuy Hoa city when they are standing at the foot of Nhan tower. Located right in the heart of the city, with the long-time history, a garden with diversified plants and fauna system, in the past time, the number of tourists coming to visit Nhan Mountain has constantly risen; in 2016, the number of tourists visiting Nhan mountain was 70,000 and this figure nearly doubled to 137,0000 people.

“The botanical garden on Nhan mountain bears significant meaning in preserving bio-diversity, if many precious plants in the forest disappeared, their plant races would still be preserved in this garden and bred. This is the venue for the offices, departments to do research into plants, for the students to learn about forestry and experience practical experiences; simultaneously being a model to multiple, find beautiful plant breeds, plants of high economic value, trees to be planted along the streets”, Mr Thung said.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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