The Stone Cultural Park - an architectural and artistic complex
Updated : 7/12/2022 10:00:00 AM (GMT+0700)

Tuy Hoa Sea Stone Cultural Park was built in 2020-2021, about 200m north of Nghinh Phong Tower. This is not only an entertainment place but also an iconic thumbnail image of Phu Yen province, an art work located in the overall Tuy Hoa marine park.

Tuy Hoa Sea Stone Cultural Park with the miniature lighthouse built on an artificial hill and a lake below

According to the construction design approval decision of the Department of Construction, Tuy Hoa Sea Stone Cultural Park has the following works: The Landscape Tower is built on an artificial hill, with a height of 16 m compared to the roadside of Doc Lap street, box-shaped architectural design, the entire outside of the tower is covered with granite; surrounded by 11 bas-reliefs showing relics and landscapes of Phu Yen province.

The content and form of the bas-reliefs are very diverse, highly appreciated by the Provincial Art Council chaired by Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee – Mr. Phan Dinh Phung with the participation of the following members: Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of Construction, Association of Architects, Branch of Arts (Association of Literature and Art) and project investor. The Council commented and accepted through 4 stages: Sketching ideas, building 1/1 scale models, manufacturing at the factory and attaching to the project. These bas-reliefs are all made by Phu Yen artisans and painters.

To the South is a miniature lighthouse, also built on an artificial hill, with a height of 15.5 m above Doc Lap roadside. The lighthouse tower is round, the diameter of the tower’s bottom is 2.4 m, gradually shrinking to the top to 1.6 m, the outside is painted white. We can climb the hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the park, the work symbolizes the lighthouse of Mui Dien, where the first sunrise on the mainland of our country is welcomed.

At the foot of the lighthouse hill is a large lake with an area of ​​​​514 m2, with a waterfall falling from the lighthouse hill. Across this lake is a stone bridge with 5 abutments, the bridge deck is 3 m wide and paved with stone slabs of 360 cm thick, 750 cm wide and 2,500 cm long; bridge girders and piers are also made of solid stone.

Every afternoon or evening, when the waterfall falls down with white foam, under the shimmering electric light, stone architectures are much more beautiful with fanciful colors. The beauty of the park is quiet, deep in everyone's mind, when we understand the architectural language of the work. On the Landscape Tower, next to the words: “Phu Yen – the attractive and friendly destination” are 11 bas-reliefs carved on granite mounted around the pillar. In which, there are 2 bas-reliefs representing Phu Yen province: Da Bia mountain and Cu Mong mountain, the remaining 9 reliefs belong to districts, towns and city.

Specifically, Song Cau town with the scene of Xuan Dai bay; Tuy An district is the landscape of Da Dia reef and the stone lute; Dong Xuan district is the image of La Hai bridge and the place where the first Party cell was established in Phu Yen; Son Hoa district is the relic of Uncle Ho's temple; Song Hinh district is a scene of cultural activities of ethnic minorities on the roof of a communal house; Tay Hoa district is the rice field and Hoa Thinh uprising night; Phu Hoa district is the relic of the famous Luong Van Chanh’s temple; Dong Hoa town is Mui Dien lighthouse; Tuy Hoa city is Nhan mountain and Da Rang river.

Have you gone to the places that these bas-reliefs record? In those places, the soul of land and the love of people are deepened with legendary stories telling about how our ancestors explored our land and built our homeland; looking through the bas-reliefs, we understand more about the land of yellow flowers and green grass.

Coming to the Stone Cultural Park, Nghinh Phong Tower with high-class resort hotels and restaurants, many fresh seafood dishes, open space, blue poplar forests, white sand beaches, clear water, you are free to swim, enjoy the beauty and flavor of the blue ocean.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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