Discovering the unique features of Hom abyss
Updated : 9/11/2022 7:40:00 AM (GMT+0700)

During the recent trip to visit heritage sites and exploring scenic spots in the west of Tuy An district, Hom abyss in Vinh Xuan village, An Linh commune is a pretty unique landscape, impressing our delegation.

Writers and artists discovering Hom abyss - a wild beauty in An Linh commune, Tuy An district

According to the geological book of Tuy An district in 2021, above Hom abyss, there is a steep rock up to 30m high, about 40m wide; water from Dong Ro stream flows into the walls of the deep abyss. Not far away, there is Song abyss also belonging to Vinh Xuan village.

Cars stop on the concreted inter-village road, from here to Hom abyss about 2km with an altitude of about 200m. Looking down the road from above, the two sides are lush vegetation, mountains and hills follow each other far away. The road is like a shallow stream bed, with small rocks and big rocks that are difficult to walk.

According to scientists, millions of years ago, when the volcano in Van Hoa plateau was active, lava flowed towards the sea. This lava flow, when met with hard water, cracks into evenly hexagonal prismatic blocks, a type of super-strong rock structure.

Surrounding almost half of the abyss are cliffs, thanks to the hexagonal basalt pillars like Da Dia reef (in An Ninh Dong commune) but the difference and uniqueness is the stack of bowls facing down. The cliff is like a semicircle, the top is covered with a green color of the old forest, the bottom is high and low stone pillars revealing the hexagonal surface. The rays of sunlight through the leaves shining on the cliffs and waterfalls create a shimmering halo like rainbow swaying on the water surface.

The water surface of Hom abyss is about 500m2, the outside is shallow and gradually deepens towards the cliff, the water is clear so that we can see the rocks at the bottom of the abyss, also see the fish swimming around. Due to the erosion of water millions of years ago, the abyss was carved deep into the rocky mountains, above is a large block of prismatic, as if it wants to fall, below is the water surface forming a deep cleft cave, which looks amazing and scary. Up here everyone wants to take a bath to find a strange feeling, the water is cool and clear, schools of fish compete with each other to preen our legs, making us feel ticklish and comfortable. Going to Hom abyss, we can only discover the bottom of the waterfall, and the top is Dong Ro stream, there is no way to go up.

Hom abyss is quite a unique landscape with bold rock culture, located in the travel itinerary to the West of Phu Yen province, which is convenient to visit thanks to on the travelling way.

In our opinion, the locality and heritage management agencies need to make a set of documents to apply for recognition as a provincial scenic spot; on that basis, it will be zoned for protection, promotion and investment plan, etc.

As for the front-station area, which is adjacent to the concreted inter-village road, there are ticket sales, parking places, and kiosks selling soft drinks, fruits and local products as gifts for tourists. In this area already has some households starting to do these services. It is also necessary to have signposts at the junctions of the entrance to Hom abyss so that visitors do not get lost. At the same time, the road down to the abyss needs to be poured with concrete, on both sides is a walking level, in the middle is a ramp for motorbikes; the road slope is according to the status quo, should not be leveled. On this route, it is also necessary to build a rest stop with roof and stone benches for guests to sit. In addition, this place needs to build a reinforced concrete spillway below the water body, in order to raise and expand the water surface area for visitors to have more comfortable bathing conditions.

Exploring Hom abyss, you should use neat clothes and shoes for easy travel, bring bathing suits, food and drink and should go in groups to help each other. This area is a deep forest, so there is no phone signal, but visitors can freely take pictures on the cliff background, the white foam water tower and the tree stumps in the old forest, etc.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY


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