Vietnam attends conference on Indo-Pacific security
Updated : 12/8/2022 2:57:51 PM (GMT+0700)

Vietnamese defence and security officials and experts joined their counterparts from many other countries at a recent Berlin conference on security in the Indo-Pacific region.

An overview of the conference. Photo: VNA

Addressing the conference, Colonel Pham Ngoc Thanh from the Ministry of National Defence's Institute for Defence Strategy (IDS) highlighted the competition of world powers in the region and its impacts on security in the Indo-Pacific region.

He underlined the nature of Vietnamese defence policy of peace, self-defence, and resolute and persistent support to the settlement of disputes and differences through peaceful measures in line with international law, and positive and active prevention and reduction of war risks with the principle of protecting the Fatherland early and from afar.

Vietnam implements a consistent policy of not joining any military alliance; not linking with any country against others; not allowing any foreign country to set up military bases or use Vietnam’s territories against others; and not using or threatening to use force in international relations, he said. This viewpoint received great applause by participants.

Colonel Thanh also underscored that non-traditional security challenges are deeply affecting security of the region and each country, threatening peace and stability of the region and the world.

As an active and responsible member of ASEAN, Vietnam's position is consistent with the common one of ASEAN expressed in the "ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific", adopted at the grouping’s 34th Summit, he stated.

Vietnam welcomes the participation and contributions of all countries, especially powers, in order to promote cooperation for mutual development and solve common security challenges for the sake of peace, stability and prosperity of the region and the world on the basis of respecting the independence, sovereignty and legitimate interests of countries.

Vietnam adheres to the foreign policy of openness, independence, self-reliance, and willing to be a friend and a reliable partner of all countries in the international community, said Thanh, stressing that Vietnam attaches importance to relations with major countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, contributing to peace, stability and development in the region.

Prior to the conference, Major General Oliver Kohl, Commander of the German Staff College, had a meeting with Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Quang Minh, Defense Attaché in Germany Colonel Nguyen Tuan Minh, and Colonel Thanh.

Source: VNA

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