Schools getting ready for the students to return
Updated : 3/1/2020 4:32:19 PM (GMT+0700)

The PPC has just issued the official document allowing thehigh school students and those learners at the continuing education block toreturn schooling on March 2nd. Those learners from kindergarten,primary and secondary schools take another week off for preventing andcombating COVID-19. Currently, the high schools and continuing education centerin the province have urgently cleaned up the schools, tables, chairs, sprayedinsecticides for the second time, preparing soaps at restrooms…as a way ofgetting ready for the students to come back schools.

Duy Tan school having insecticide sprayed to prepare for the students’ returning on
March 2nd

In the past time,Pham  Van Dong high school (DongHoa district) has mobilized all of the staff and teachers to clean up schools,classrooms for the students to prevent, combat COVID-19. The school’s principal,Teacher Huynh Xuan Mai, let known, “for the students to come back school in asafe  manner during the epic time ofCOVID-19, which is increasingly complicated, for the past week, the school hasmobilized all of the staff and teachers to do hygienic tasks,  cleaned up, planted green trees…in the schoolground; simultaneously preparing soaps, washing liquids for the students towash their hands once being at school. Besides,the school continues coordinating with Tay Hoa district’s medical centerto spray insecticide at the classrooms, restrooms, around the school as well.

Like Pham Van Dong high school, currently, all of the highschools and continuing education center in the province have got ready for the studentsto return on March 2nd.As  shared by theprincipal of Nguyen Thai Binh high school, teacher Nguyen Cong Hoan (Xuan Phuoccommune, Dong Xuan district), in the past time, on a weekly basis,the schoolmobilizes all of the staff and teachers to clean up the school, with thefrequency of 3 to 4 times per week. During the days of schooling, the schooldoes this on a daily basis,simultaneously coordinating with the district’s medical center tosterilize twice a day and being ready with every measure to ensure the safetyof the students.

Besides the task of hygiene, spraying insecticides has beenenhanced during the days before the students come back. For the students tomaster the knowledge and avoid forgetting taught lessons, some high schools inthe province have offered online lessons for the sake of their students’consolidating knowledge, training the self-learning skills, and at-homestudying.

At Luong Van Chanh high school for the gifted  (Tuy Hoa city), from February 10th,teachers of various subjects in grades 10 and 11 have organized givinginstructions on teaching via zalo, face book, the school’s website. As for  the 12-graders, each week, the school uploadstwo sets of questions for the students to solve by themselves. For the studentsin the selected teams for 10 and 11 graders, the teachers send questions andexercises via emails.  Teacher Huynh TanChau, the school principal, lets known that online teaching and learningassists the students to consolidate the taught lessons. The school’s viewpointis not to teach new knowledge. So does the school implement measures to preventand combat COVID-19 for all of the students during the coming school days.

In the past two weeks, Duy Tan school has organized onlineteaching-learning for all students. The schooluses Zoon cloud meeting soft wares to teach all subjects to 12-graders andthe students can access using either cell phones or computers. Student Phan ThiHong Duc (class 12A, Duy Tan high school), shared, “online learning hasassisted me review the knowledge of term 1, therefore, we do not forget the oldlessons. When it comes to natural sciences,we actively solve the questions, do research beforehand, as such, thereare no entanglements posed by online learning”.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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