Ensuring clean food before being launched on the market
Updated : 5/3/2022 3:25:59 PM (GMT+0700)

Over the past time, the task of ensuring food safety has been concerned by the whole political system from the central to local levels, creating positive changes and achieving important results.

Journalists of Phu Yen Online had an interview with Doctor Nguyen Thi Mong Ngoc, Director of the Department of Health cum Standing Deputy Head of the provincial Inter-sectoral Steering Committee for Food Safety about the above issues and deployment of the Action month for food safety during the festival and this summer.

The province’s inter-sectoral inspection team on food safety inspecting a food business in Tuy Hoa city

* How are the main tasks of the Action month for Food Safety 2022 implemented by the Steering Committee, madam?

- The COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated, so it is necessary to raise the vigilance of the entire population in epidemic prevention and control, ensuring production and business development. In order to further strengthen the roles and responsibilities of producers and traders and raise awareness and knowledge of consumers about ensuring food safety in the current situation, the Steering Committee has been implementing the Action month for food safety in 2022 with the theme of "Continuing to improve the roles and responsibilities of producers, traders and consumers of agricultural products in the new situation".

The Action month for food safety in 2022 is a highlight of the year, creating a peak and launching a strong communication campaign to comply with the legal provisions on food safety in production and business activities, especially in festivals and the summer from now to the end of the year. Activities of propaganda, inspection and supervision are very important and have been synchronously deployed from the province to grassroots levels, in line with the epidemic situation and actual conditions in localities. The Steering Committee has requested relevant departments, agencies, sectors and localities to strengthen accurate, timely, comprehensive, responsible and honest information and communication on issues related food safety; propagating are connected to promoting production and trading of agricultural, forestry and fishery products to ensure quality and safety.

* To ensure food safety in the coming time, what are the current requirements for functional sector, producers, traders and consumers, madam?

- During this time, the Department of Health will coordinate with the Departments of Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, Information and Communications and local authorities, mass organizations, etc., to focus on propagandizing, disseminating knowledge and strengthening responsibility in production and trading of agricultural products and food; strengthening communication and promotion of quality agricultural products and business locations, national and local key products along the value chain associated with high-tech application, organic agriculture and systematic advanced quality management to improve quality, ensure food safety for domestic consumption and promote export. The units also need to propagate programs and projects related to production and trading of quality and safe agricultural products for public health, and models of safe food supply as well.

The functional sectors from the province to grassroots will conduct inspection and inter-sectoral supervision on food safety and agro-forestry-fishery products; taking practical inspection and supervision at food production, business and advertising establishments; paying special attention to street food; in case of detecting unsafe food, they must take samples for test and handle strongly; timely solving food safety incidents, strengthening people's confidence. In addition, production and business establishments also need to increase the application of high technology, control food safety right from the inputs, link production with consumption, develop supply chains, ensure conditions of sanitary facilities, equipment and tools for preliminary processing and food processing.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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