Efforts to create a safe working space for employees
Updated : 5/9/2022 10:33:50 AM (GMT+0700)

Ensuring occupational safety and hygiene (OSH) is an important task constantly concerned by all levels and sectors of the province, in order to contribute to reducing occupational accidents and occupational diseases, creating a safe working environment for employees.

The occupational safety and hygiene task should be strengthened in industrial parks and enterprises in the province. In the photo: Workers on duty at the cutting workshop of Phong Phu International Investment JSC - Phu Yen

On the occasion of the OHS Action Month 2022 taking place from May 1st to 31st, Phu Yen Newspaper had an interview with Mr Dinh Khac Do, Deputy Executive Director of the Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs about OSH work. Mr Do said:

- In 2021, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has actively advised and coordinated with other departments, agencies, mass organizations, and press agencies to diversify information and propaganda activities of OSH Action Month; promote propaganda in the mass media; regularly consult, disseminate and educate the OSH law for production and business establishments to strictly implement the processes and measures to ensure OSH; guide localities and businesses in the province to take measures to prevent COVID-19 for employees, implement the Law on OSH and guiding documents on the implementation of the Law on OSH.

In the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, businesses, production and business establishments have made positive changes, and employers have paid close attention to OSH, health care for employees; improved working conditions and environment in places where laborers do heavy and hazardous work; strengthened self-inspection, reviewing, detecting unsafe risks and developing prevention plans at workshops, production groups and teams; regularly urged and reminded employees to comply with the provisions of the law on OSH. All levels and branches have organized, visited, and encouraged individuals and families of people suffering from occupational accidents.

* Despite the positive results, challenges in the OSH task still exist. To ensure OSH, in the OHS Action month 2022, what activities will the province organize, sir?

- With the theme “Strengthening measures to reduce risks on OSH, improving working conditions in the workplace, adapting safely, flexibly and effectively controlling the COVID-19 epidemic”, the action month is to raise awareness and compliance with the law on OSH of enterprises and establishments through the activities of giving information, propaganda, specific action programs on OSH; to step up implementing the control of hazards and risks and measures to improve working conditions; taking care of employees' health, minimizing occupational accidents and diseases.

During the action month, according to the plan, the Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant agencies in setting up an interdisciplinary inspection or thematic team on implementing and organizing to deploy the action month on province area. Contents of inspection will be focused on industries, professions and fields with a high risk of occupational accidents and occupational diseases such as using boilers, lifting equipment, welding and cutting metal, working in confined spaces, construction and electricity etc. At the same time, checking the use and inspection of machines, equipment and supplies with strict requirements on occupational safety in production and business establishments, and training on OSH in enterprises and business production facilities will be also conducted.

* In order for the month of action to be effective, how is the plan to be implemented, sir?

- The Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs is the permanent agency responsible for the content, conditions and form of organizing the action month. The unit shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other departments and branches in propagating about OSH work on the occasion of the action month; guide industries, localities and production and business enterprises in the province to carry out OSH work for employees both in the areas with and without labor relations and activities to respond to the action month, minimize the serious occupational accidents occurring in the month of OSH Action coordinate with communication units to plan and implement communication, consulting, guidance and training activities on safe working skills for employees.

At the same time, it’s also to strengthen training, advising, guiding, and fostering on safe working skills for employees, enterprises, in craft villages and non-structural areas; propagating, inspecting, and reviewing the risks of loss of OSH at construction sites, high traffic places, commercial centers, schools, and residential areas on electrical safety, welding and cutting, and prevention accidents falling from above, etc. The unit shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other departments and branches in organizing interdisciplinary inspection and examination delegations; inspect and examine the implementation of the provisions of the law on OSH at enterprises, production and business establishments that are at risk of occupational accidents and diseases, etc.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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