Listen to the people for effective social criticism
Updated : 5/9/2022 4:29:22 PM (GMT+0700)

The Provincial Fatherland Front Committee and the Fatherland Front Committees of districts, towns and city have just held social criticism conferences in direct form for the construction investment component project of the Chi Thanh - Van Phong section which is a part of the East North-South Expressway Construction Project in the 2021-2025 period (referred to as the North-South Expressway Project for short) across the province, attracting many comments and suggestions from people.

Mr Nguyen Dang Tien, a member of Agricultural Cooperative 2, ward 9 (Tuy Hoa city) participating in the meeting to review the North - South expressway project

 Many concerns need clearing

The North - South expressway project has a route direction passing through Tuy Hoa city, Dong Hoa town and Tuy An, Phu Hoa and Tay Hoa districts. The starting point is at Km0+000, intersects with the road connecting Chi Thanh town, coincides with the end point of Quy Nhon - Chi Thanh expressway, in the territory of Chi Thanh town (Tuy An district). The end point is at Km49+522, at the location connecting to the Ca pass tunnel project in the territory of Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa town. The total length of the project is 49.52km. The project passes through Chi Thanh town and An Cu, An Hiep, An Hoa Hai, An My, An Chan communes (Tuy An district); the communes of An Phu, Binh Kien, Hoa Kien and ward 9 (Tuy Hoa city); Hoa Binh 1 commune (Tay Hoa district); Hoa An and Hoa Tri communes (Phu Hoa district); Hoa Tan Dong, Hoa Xuan Dong, Hoa Xuan Nam communes and Hoa Xuan Tay ward (Dong Hoa town). Preliminary, the scope of site clearance to implement the project is more than 424.3ha; in which, forest land is 66.13 ha, rice land is 191.8 ha, other types of land is 166.38 ha.

This is a large project with a wide scope of influence, so at the social criticism conferences, although people strongly agree on the project implementation, people still wonder about many issues. Mr. Le Van Suyen, a resident of ward 9 said: “I agree that it is necessary to implement the North-South expressway project. I am only wondering about the impacts of this project in the near future, that is, people's double-crop rice production will be affected. I hope the project owner does research to avoid waterlogging.” With this same concern, Mr. Nguyen Dang Tien, a member of Agricultural Cooperative 2, ward 9, shared: “The system of canals in the field managed by the cooperative has been operating stably, ensuring production for farmers. When the project is implemented, how will it be, how will the compensation work?”.

Because it is a large project, the influence scope is spread across many localities, so the opinions of people in the affected areas focus on not only site clearance and compensation but also prevention and response to environmental incidents. “The benefits of the project are not discussed anymore, the important issue is whether the locality can ensure the promptness, timeliness, and safety when environmental problems, incidents, and risks arise unexpectedly caused by project implementation? Measures to minimize adverse impacts on the environment are feasible and effective for Tuy An district in general and the coastal communes of Tuy An district where the project passes,” said a resident of An Hoa Hai commune.

Formulate policies suitable to actual conditions

The suggestions as well as the thoughts and aspirations of the people are received and summarized by the project investor and the Fatherland Front at all levels to send to relevant agencies for consideration and settlement in order to ensure the worthy rights and interests of the people. In the process of criticizing, the preside over social criticism conferences also directly propagates, mobilizes and explains to the people about the Party's guidelines, policies and the State’s laws to create consensus in the coming time.

Social commentary not only provides information and documents along with analytical opinions, feasibility assessment and recommendations related to the reviewers, but more importantly, social criticism points out limitations and ways of seeing and solving problems. With this in mind, social criticism is always in the spirit of construction and suggestions from the society on the State's policies and laws for competent authorities to consider, study, selectively absorb, and then amend or add reasonably.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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