Training, maturing from the movements and team activities
Updated : 5/14/2022 11:15:41 AM (GMT+0700)

Determining that teenager activities and children's movements play an important role in improving the quality of comprehensive education for teenagers and children, over the past time, the Provincial Teenager Team Council has directed the local teenager team to strengthen teenager work and children's movement with many concrete and practical activities.

Contributing to cultivating and nurturing the “flower garden” of the Ho Chi Minh National Youth Union Team for 81 years is a team of teachers - general in charge of the team. In the photo: Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, Mr. Phan Xuan Hanh, presenting the Badge of Good Manager of the Central Youth Union to the teachers in charge of the team

According to Mr Phan Xuan Hanh, Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, implementing the motto that building the teenager team is to build the youth union one step ahead, all levels of youth unions in the province have focused on innovating the content and mode of operation of the system of teenager team councils, caring for and fostering professional skills and skills for the team in charge; at the same time, regularly organizing and guiding the teenager team members of teenagers and children to study and play healthy, contributing to meeting legitimate needs, helping them practice their morality and personality, developing their whole life in terms of virtue, intelligence, body, and beauty. From movements such as Good words and good deeds, Good children and good students, Uncle Ho’s Good grandchildren, and Love Vietnam's seas and islands, etc., the teenager team councils at all levels have propagated and educated the team members and students about the idea respecting the school's rules and regulations, building discipline and styles in learning, and arousing national pride, beloved Uncle Ho and the organization of youth unions and teenager teams.

Over the years, the teenager team councils at all levels have focused on organizing activities to create an environment for children to practice morality and lifestyle through effectively implementing the Small Plan movement, the Team Training program, etc., in particular, identifying that the Phu Yen Children's Movement to emulate following the 5 things Uncle Ho taught is the focus and throughout, the Provincial Teenager Team Council has concretized the contents of the movement. Through the flag-raising sessions at the beginning of the week, the federations organized many activities such as a story, a topic, a beautiful story, a good book, a shining example each week; writing a diary of Following Uncle Ho's orders, etc. Thereby, they express their infinite gratitude to Uncle Ho, creating a learning and training environment, and contributing to forming good quality values ​​for them.

Mr Tran Minh Tri, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, Chairman of the Provincial Teenager Team Council, said: “Under the glorious banner of the Party and beloved Uncle Ho, received the attention of the whole society, guidance and direct responsibility from the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, over the years, the province's teenager teams and children's movements have always paid attention and focused on the protection, education, and care of teenagers and children, considering this a red thread throughout the operation of the teenager team organization and the children's movement”.

To implement the Law on Children and issues related to children, the Provincial Teenager Team Council organized a dialogue for teenager team members and children with provincial leaders on children's issues; held a festival of propaganda teams of young bamboo shoots to prevent and control accidents, injuries, and drownings and to propagate the Law on Children, etc. The movement For dear juniors was effectively implemented by youth unions at all levels with the construction of many new public playgrounds, and activity points for young people to help them develop comprehensively both physically and mentally, contributing to reducing accidents, injuries and social evils among young people. Scholarship funds of For the poor, Supporting young talents, Vu A Dinh Fund, the movement of 1,000 addresses to send children to school, the program of Light up children's dreams, etc. have raised billions of dongs, helping thousands of disadvantaged children having more living and studying conditions, and integrating into the community. Through the movement of building Red Scarf houses, dozens of houses for typical teenagers with extremely difficult circumstances have been built.

“In the coming time, all levels of youth unions, associations, and teams of the whole province will focus on grassroots, take care, guide, and organize activities for children, especially children in remote and isolated areas, and those with disadvantaged circumstances; enhance the roles and responsibilities of youth unions, associations and teams in protecting children's entertainment rights and needs; creating the most favorable conditions for children in the province to study, practice, develop, and emulate following the 5 things Uncle Ho taught”, emphasized Mr Tran Minh Tri.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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