Volunteering for the sake of community health
Updated : 5/18/2022 11:30:39 AM (GMT+0700)

For many years, on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's birthday (May 19th), together with the whole country, the festival of young doctors following Uncle Ho's words and volunteering for public health has taken place simultaneously throughout the province with many exciting and meaningful activities. Thereby, it’s showing the spirit of shock and volunteering of young doctors and nurses who are determined to bring their efforts and intellectuals to contribute to the career of protecting, taking care of, improving the people's health, and building a beautiful image of a young doctor for the community.

Young doctors and nurses distributing medicine to the inhabitants in Hoa Thinh commune, Tay Hoa district

Doctor Nguyen Ky Don, Department of Intensive Care against Poisons (The Provincial General Hospital), and members of the Provincial Young Doctors' Club have just spent a hard but happy weekend in Hoa Thinh commune, Tay Hoa district. After a long time of working with the frontline medical force to treat COVID-19 patients at the field hospitals and the Covid-19 positive area of the Provincial General Hospital, when life activities are in the new normal state of “adaptiveness, safety, flexibility, effective control of the COVID-19 epidemic”, Doctor Don had the opportunity to join the club's young doctors and nurses to return to people in difficult areas. With young health, a sense of responsibility, and a scientific and rhythmic way of working, in less than 3 hours, the young doctors and nurses examined, gave health advice, and distributed free medicines to 100 people. In particular, the theme of this year's Young Physicians' Day, following Uncle Ho's orders and volunteering for the public's health, is Post-COVID-19 health care, so young doctors and nurses have carefully advised on their diet, rest, etc. so that those who have been sick can recover quickly.

Secretary of Tay Hoa District Youth Union, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Chi said: The situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in the province is basically well controlled, but for infected cases, the post-COVID-19 sequelae have affected significantly the health and life of the people. Therefore, the Youth Union of Tay Hoa district has hosted and coordinated with the Provincial Young Doctors Club to organize a festival for young doctors to follow Uncle Ho's orders and volunteer for public health in 2022. In addition to providing free medical examinations and medicine for 100 people; propagating and guiding the people on post-COVID-19 treatment; distributing leaflets to propagate and prevent post-COVID-19; the festival also took place many other meaningful activities such as: launching the Youth Rapid Response Team for epidemic prevention and control; offering incense to the Dong Khoi Hoa Thinh National Historic Site; giving 20 gifts to students who overcome difficulties and study well and households with difficult circumstances; inaugurating the youth project “Fatherland Flag Road” with 110 flagpoles, more than 1.1km long, etc. “The program has really become a great festival for young doctors in particular, of young people in general, and a highlight in the annual program of association work and youth movement”, emphasized Ms. Kim Chi.

In addition to the Festival of Young Doctors following Uncle Ho's orders, volunteering for public health at the provincial level coordinated by the Provincial Youth Union and the Provincial Youth Association organized in Tay Hoa district, the Youth Association Committees of districts, towns and city also simultaneously held the programs throughout the province with many practical and meaningful activities. Mr. Le Duy, Secretary of Tuy Hoa City Youth Union, said: The Festival of Young Doctors following Uncle Ho's words and volunteering for the public health of the city has just taken place at Vo Van Kiet Lower Secondary School, Binh Ngoc commune. The program gave 10 gifts, each of VND 700,000 to orphaned students; organizing dental check-ups; providing free medical examination and distribution for 100 senior citizens, etc.

According to Mr Luong Minh Tung, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union, Chairman of the Provincial Youth Association, the Festival of Young Physicians to follow Uncle Ho's orders and volunteer for public health is a program organized by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Association and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Young Physicians Association, which was launched and took place nationwide. This is an annual activity held on the occasion of President Ho Chi Minh's birthday; demonstrating the responsibility and volunteering spirit of young people, including a team of young doctors, contributing to well performing the work of protecting, taking care of and improving the people's health.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by TRINH THUY

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