Promoting interaction between people and the government
Updated : 11/23/2022 3:43:20 PM (GMT+0700)

Over the past time, the administrative reform (AF) has been concerned and directed by the Party committees and authorities at all levels; AF tasks are implemented synchronously in all fields. However, the component indicators of the province have not been synchronously improved, especially the satisfaction level of people and organizations.

Officials and civil servants of the Office of the Tay Hoa District Party Committee, government handling administrative procedures for people

Phu Yen Newspaper interviewed Mr Pham Minh Hung, Director of the AF Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Chief of the Office of the Government's AF Steering Board about this issue.

* Dear Director, how do you evaluate the results of AF of Phu Yen over the past time?

- Through monitoring the AF in Phu Yen, it shows that AF has achieved some positive results such as: The system of legal documents is getting more and more complete, contributing to improve administrative discipline, effective and efficient of the State management. The organizational apparatus of agencies, units and localities has been gradually renewed and consolidated in the direction of streamlining and reducing intermediate levels. State agencies from provincial to commune levels in the province have strongly applied information technology in management and administration activities. The business investment environment and provincial competitiveness have been improved…

However, the effectiveness of AF in the province has not met the goals and expectations of people and businesses. The results of indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of AF in the province are still low... In particular, the index of impacts of AF on people's satisfaction, organization and socio-economic development of the locality today. is the lowest.

* So in your opinion, what should Phu Yen do to improve the satisfaction of people and organizations?

- AF is aimed at the professionalism of the administrative apparatus, responsibility, discipline of civil servants. Therefore, in order to improve the level of satisfaction of organizations and individuals, Phu Yen needs to pay more attention to arranging and consolidating the organizational apparatus, improving the quality of civil servants from skills to service attitudes. civil service culture; solving the problem of the relationship between people and the government. Since then, people and organizations will cooperate and contribute to build an increasingly perfect government. Another key is to improve the quality of public administrative services; investment in facilities and equipment to the simplification of administrative procedures; handle the recommendations and problems of the people related to public administrative services; other jobs that people need to the government. In order for the interaction between people and the government to be favorable, it is necessary to arrange many channels so that people can reflect and make recommendations, and when the authorities receive these feedbacks and recommendations, there is a timely and responsible way to handle them, create trust and peace of mind for people. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen information, dissemination and propaganda within agencies in the political system, to have consensus, support and mutual support in the implementation of the common objectives of AF, to ensure AF is implemented synchronously…

* For the AF index of Phu Yen to achieve the expected effect in the coming time, what is your opinion?

- In my opinion, based on the achieved results, Phu Yen needs to focus on directing and administering the completion of AF tasks in 2022. In which, it is necessary to pay attention to allocating resources for AF tasks; there is close coordination among agencies, units and branches so that AF is implemented synchronously and effectively; coordinate with socio-political organizations in mobilizing and propagating people to participate in AF. The province continues to review and simplify administrative procedures, improve the quality of implementation of the one-stop-shop, one-stop-shop mechanism, the quality of online public services... to create favorable conditions, reduce troubles, and ensure benefits for people and businesses.

The province continues to improve the quality of services to people and businesses. In which, focusing on solutions to improve service quality to handle complaints and suggestions; promote the leading role in directing AF tasks; focus on raising the satisfaction level of organizations and individuals; educate and raise awareness of cadres and civil servants; enhance exchange of experience...

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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