Red seeds turn into green shoots
Updated : 1/22/2023 2:20:00 PM (GMT+0700)

Joining the ranks of the Party, numerous young Party members who are high school students have continued to improve themselves and shine out. Their striving journey is also the story of the open environment and efforts of the entire political system in the task of Party development.

Le Xuan Vinh (left cover) instructing farmers in Hoa Da vegetable area to use biological product from seaweed

The turning-point at the age of 18 creating momentum later

“You follow the instructions I wrote in the paper and then test the biological product for the plants. This product will stimulate the plant to grow and increase resistance", researcher Le Xuan Vinh carefully advised Mr. Le Van Khuong, a farmer in Hoa Da vegetable growing area (An My commune, Tuy An district) before returning to Da Nang city for working. This biological product made from 100% natural seaweed is researched and manufactured by the Center for Radiation Technology Research and Development - Da Nang Campus, where Vinh is working. “We want to bring farmers safe, environmentally friendly and highly effective products. This will be a solution for sustainable agricultural development for Phu Yen and numerous other localities” said Mr Vinh.

The Lunar New Year 2023 is the second time Mr Vinh welcome the new year in his hometown of Chi Thanh town, Tuy An district after 5 years in the Russian Federation to study nuclear energy at the National Nuclear Research University. After graduating from the university with excellent honors, he was given the privilege of continuing his studies for the master, but this young man, born in 1997, decided to work at the Center for Research and Development of Radiation Technology - Da Nang Campus (under the Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute). At the end of 2022, he had a memorable experience of being selected to visit nuclear and radiation facilities in Korea by the Regional Cooperative Agreement regional office (RCARO) and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute.

It is not until now that he has revealed his outstanding qualities. Since high school, this class monitor has made a mark with a series of achievements in Physics exams. Being at the forefront of movements, in September 2015, Vinh was admitted to the Party by the Party Committee of Luong Van Chanh high school for the gifted. Since then, the red seed Le Xuan Vinh has more favorable environment to continue cultivating political bravery and confidently shining in the university environment. Right from the first year of university, he won a full scholarship to the Russian Federation. He also awarded a merit certificate for the outstanding achievements in youth union activities by the Youth Union Committee and a merit certificate for party members with successful achievement in tasks by the Party Committee in the Russian Federation. He shared: Every time I joined in the meeting of the Party cell at the Moscow University of Railways and Transport, I went pass the Red Square, the resting place of Lenin. At that moment, my heart swole with emotion. I told myself that I had to strive and traine to be worthy of being a "lighting torch", a "red flag".

The beginning of the mature journey

Nay Kpă Manh is a 3rd year student, majoring in youth work, Vietnam Youth Academy - Southern Sub-Institute, but this young party member often keeps close contact with the party cell and the Ethnic Boarding high school in Phu Yen - the place where he has grown up. “Every time I go back to my hometown, I always visit the school and teachers; talk and encourage students. Through inspirational stories, I hope to make a small contribution with teachers and school party cell to direct students to beautiful perceptions and ideals", said Nay Kpă Manh.

Being dynamic and leading in activities, he was honored to be admitted by the Party Committee of the provincial Ethnic Boarding high school when he was at 12th grade. After 3 years of joining the Party, the sacred oath under the Party flag has always been engraved and expressed in each specific activity and job by this Ede guy from Ea Cha Rang commune, Son Hoa district. He is currently a dynamic and creative class monitor; actively participating in scientific research; organizing numerous healthy playgrounds for students of the academy. He confided: "Applying to join the Party at the age of 18 is a milestone marking my journey of training and striving; it is also a motivation for me to continue to improve myself."

Vinh and Manh are just two of the numerous red seeds that have been incubated by schools. The development of party members, especially among students, is always appreciated by schools, in order to find positive factors and rejuvenate the team of party members; simultaneously, orienting ideas and spreading the faith of the young generation towards the Party and Uncle Ho.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by KHUONG THAO

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