Supporting fishermen to cling to sea through Tet
Updated : 1/30/2023 9:42:43 AM (GMT+0700)

Leaving behind the joy of family reunion, numerous fishermen in the Central region, including Phu Yen province, chose to celebrate Tet at sea and join forces to firmly protect the country's sovereignty over the sea and islands. To promptly encourage fishermen, every year, provincial leaders organize New Year greetings for fishermen at sea through communication systems from the mainland.

Through the radio communication system, Mr Ta Anh Tuan, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee cum PPC Chairman telephoned to encourage and give new year wishes to Phu Yen fishermen who are clinging to the fishing grounds for exploiting seafood during Tet

Celebrating Tet at sea to hunt for new year's fortune

Mr Pham Lon in ward 6, Tuy Hoa city, captain of the fishing boat No.PY-92198TS has floated at the open sea for nearly 2 months. His ship is expected to return to shore on the 10th day of the Lunar New Year so that the crew members can have a late Tet with their families. Through the radio communication system, he let known that everyone wanted to reunite with their family at Tet, but the sea trips in 2022 did not come up with the desired harvest, but just enough to cover expenses. Therefore, he and his boatmates go out to sea through Tet with the hope of getting the sea fortune at the beginning of the year.

Celebrating Tet at sea is no longer strange to numerous fishermen. Mr Nguyen Duc Toan in Ward 6, Tuy Hoa city, the captain of the fishing boat No.PY-92396TS has had sea trips through Tet three times. Therefore, he is used to celebrating Tet at sea with his crew. They are family members, living together and side by side on each sea trip. Mr. Toan lets known: Before a sea trip through Tet, we do not only bring food, fuel, ice, etc. like normal trips, but also prepare sticky rice cake, pickled onions, pickled scallion heads, melon seeds, jam... In the afternoon of the 30th of lunar year, I contacted fishing ships catching the same fishing grounds via walkie-talkie to make an appointment to meet at certain coordinates and anchor the ships next to each other. After that, the crew members on the ships gathered food, wine and cake to celebrate the new year together. Through the information system on the ship, they in turn called to the mainland to send wishes to their families and loved ones. Tet at sea is just as warm as on the mainland.

Warm greetings from the mainland

According to the Phu Yen Border Guard Command, during the Lunar New Year of 2023, the whole province has about 80 fishing vessels with over 700 workers reaching out to sea in the Spratly waters and the southern region; including nearly 80% of fishing vessels specialize in tuna fishing. Tuy Hoa city has about 75 fishing ships, with more than 650 workers celebrating Tet at sea. Before going to sea to exploit seafood in the new sea season, all fishermen have fully prepared supplies, necessities and jam to welcome Tet at sea. The provincial Border Guard Command has directed units and stations to assign officers and soldiers on duty 24/24, always maintaining information and communication with fishermen. Thereby, capturing the situation at sea to promptly handle problems that may occur during Tet.

In order to encourage fishermen, before Tet, through the radio communication system at Da Rang Border Guard Station (under Tuy Hoa Border Guard Station), Mr. Ta Anh Tuan, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee cum PPC Chairman telephoned to visit, encourage and give new year wishes to Phu Yen fishermen who are clinging to fishing grounds to exploit seafood during Tet. He shared and praised the spirit of fishermen in reaching out to sea, clinging to the fishing grounds, both producing and participating in protecting the sovereignty of the sea and islands.

The PPC Chairman emphasized: On the occasion of new year, on behalf of the provincial leaders, I would like to wish all fishermen a new year with health, happiness, prosperity, success and good harvest. I wish the fishermen's ships to always be smooth sailing and catch a lot of fish; wishing all fishermen a happy and warm New Year at sea, exploiting a lot of seafood. After each sea trip, may all have the cabin always full of seafood and rejoices in the joy of winning the season and getting the price.

New Year's greetings from the mainland of the PPC Chairman have brought joy to the fishermen who are reaching out to sea. Through the radio communication system, fisherman Tran Van Dieu (ward 6, Tuy Hoa city), captain of the ship No.PY-92278TS, expressed his joy when receiving Tet greetings from the provincial leaders. He lets known: Along with reaching out to sea to make a living and hunting the sea fortune, fishermen are always aware of our responsibility and proud when directly participating in protecting the country's sacred sovereignty over the sea and islands during Tet. We will always support each other to cling to the sea and exploit seafood in accordance with regulations, contributing more actively together with functional forces to protect the country's sacred sovereignty over the sea and islands.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated KHUONG THAO

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