Mobilizing the political system into the digital transformation (DT)
Updated : 1/30/2023 3:01:32 PM (GMT+0700)

With the goal of promoting the DT to serve the construction and comprehensive development of the province, over the past time, Phu Yen province has implemented many solutions; especially mobilized the whole political system to get involved. Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee (PPC), Mr Dao My gave an interview to Phu Yen Newspaper about the implementation of community colleges in the province. Comrade Dao My informed:

Tuy An district training the DT for community digital technology groups

- Implementing the Government's policy on the digital government and e-Government, Phu Yen has identified the DT as one of the important tasks in the process of socio-economic construction and development of the province in the coming time. Specifically, the Provincial Party Committee issued the Resolution 24 directing the implementation of the DT at all levels in the political system, indicating the extremely important role of Party committees at all levels in the implementation of this policy.

In particular, the Resolution 24 was issued showing the comprehensive leadership and direction of the Party in the political system at all levels for the Communist Party. With direction from the Provincial Party Committee, the involvement of departments and localities will be much more drastic; the direction of the Party committees will be a solid basis for implementation, officials and Party members will also seriously implement the direction of the Party committees.

* In order for the DT to come into reality, especially the directions of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee in the Resolution 24 to come to life soon, what should departments and localities do in the coming time?

- To implement the Resolution 24 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee, the PPC is developing and will issue a plan to implement this resolution in the near future. Thereby, the province will assign specific responsibilities to each sector, each locality in each field. In particular, the province will focus on propaganda and advocacy so that all people and civil servants understand what the DT is, its meaning and value in the socio-economic development of the locality. To do this, the province has assigned the Department of Information and Communications to be the standing agency of the Provincial Steering Board on the DT to assume the prime responsibility for, advise, and directly organize training and retraining for each object in each locality… so that everyone can understand, grasp, and create a basis for deployment.

* Currently, Phu Yen province is in a low position in the ranking of the DT in the country. In order to put Phu Yen in the middle group, what tasks will the province focus on in the coming time, comrade?

- The PPC has assigned the Department of Information and Communications to review the criteria to determine the process of implementing the DT. From there, the province will have a basis to develop solutions and implementation plans as well as overcome weak points and limitations. The province also determines the goal of implementing the local community college in the coming time, not only to fulfill the criteria or to improve the ranking, but also to promote the DT with the common development goal, the DT to serve the comprehensive social development.

* In mountainous and remote areas, the access to the DT is still difficult. Comrade, how to fix this problem?

- Currently, in urban areas, the conditions of information technology infrastructure and people's level are relatively adequate to meet the needs of the DT. However, in remote, isolated and disadvantaged areas with weak and inadequate technological infrastructure, low and uneven educational attainment, smartphone devices have not yet been universalized… so many people don't fully understand about th DT or don't have the opportunity to approach and know about the DT, the meaning of the DT... To overcome these problems, the PPC has been directing localities to focus on propaganda to people to understand clearly about the DT; directing media agencies to promote communication about the DT. At the same time, the PPC also requires telecommunications businesses to increase investment in technology infrastructure so that when applying the DT, the infrastructure system must be smooth, meeting the needs of the DT anytime, anywhere.

Source: Phu Yen Newspaper

Translated by HAI LOAN

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