Phu Yen Newspaper is an office of The Communist Party of Vietnam, Phu Yen province, the voice of the Party government and the people of Phu Yen province. Phu Yen Newspaper office is located at 62 Le Duan street, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province.

Phu Yen Newspaper was officially turned into a daily newspaper in September 2010 with a publication of approximately 5,500 per day. Additionally, there is a Phu Yen end-of-month magazine, Phu Yen Electronic Newspaper at www.baophuyen.com.vn, and currently, Phu Yen English Electronic pages are being experimented.

In parallel with their professional duties, politically, as a local newspaper, Phu Yen Newspaper organize sport and social activities, on a regular basic, attracting lots of participants to contribute to the building of classrooms in poverty-striken communes, helping the poor to abolish temporary residing areas, distributing aids to floody areas, giving gifts to the poor on Tet,….

After 8 times being held, the Phu Yen Newspaper traditional cross-country running prize became an open one for the Central-Highland provinces in 2001. The 8th Phu Yen Newspaper traditional cross-country running prize (open) in 2010 became one of the competing events in the 5th PhuYen province’s gymnastics and sports Festival.

PhuYen Newspaper currently has 58 staff, correspondents, editors and office staffs. Master degree:1, university degree: 46 (14 with Bachelor of Journalism), college: 5, middle level education: 3.

The Editorial office has seven divisions: Department of Economics correspondent, Department of Political- Literacy correspondent, Department of Edition- Publication, Department of PhuYen Electronics, Readers’department, Administrative Department and Department of Issuing-advertising.

Editor-in-chief: Pham Ngoc Phi, Vice Editor-in-chiefs Nguyen Van Minh and Pham Thanh Phong.

During the operation and development, Phu Yen Newspaper has gained a lot of merits, certificates of merit….in recognition of the effort and achievement of the entire Newspaper staff. Among these honorable results are:

- Third-class Independence Medal (2006)

- First-class Labor Medal (1998)

- Prime Minister’s Award (1996 and 2004)

- Many certificates of Merit from The People’s Committee and other ministries and central government.

- Many of the reporters, editors achieved awards of media by the Journalists’ Association of PhuYen province and that of Vietnam.
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